Free Your Photos with Magnaframe

Everyone takes photos. In this digital age, the way we capture memories can be as simple as a swipe and a tap on a smartphone. Yet, to us these photos are more than just data; they’re rare moments in time significant to the lives we lead. So why let those moments stay forgotten and trapped in a device?

Designed to reflect the ever changing narrative that is life itself, magnaframe allows your memories to live with you, in your own curated photo gallery. With the freedom to tell your story your way; all that’s left is to PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER & SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE.

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Build a Polaroid Wall ...

Imagine a wall in your home dedicted to capturing memories of the friends and family that come to visit you. 

Capture the memories on the classic Polaroid film and pop the photos into magnaframes on the wall before your guests leave.

Over time this wall will truly become something special.


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