Polaroid Originals

magnaframe is a unique picture frame system that allows you to curate your very own photo gallery-- at home, at the office and just about anywhere you have a wall.

It utilizes super strong neodymium magnets to allow you to click and position the frames in any orientation or arrangement the only limit is your imagination.

We’ve built this version of magnaframes to accommodate Polaroid prints and give them a sleek and sophisticated home where you can view and cherish them every day.

Polaroid is the "Kleenex" of instant photography and could be considered the original social sharing brand. The iconic white border is something that is often imitated; however it holds true to Polaroid and it's heritage. magnaframes are built for Classic Polaroid film. Currently branded "Polaroid Originals", prior to that (2008-2017) branded " Impossible Project" and prior to that (1937-2008) branded Polaroid. The pictures measure 4.25" in height and 3.5" in width.

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