About Us

magnaframe (patent pending) is a frame building system to curate your very own photo gallery-- at home, at the office and just about anywhere you have a wall.

Simply affix a magnetic ‘Main Frame’ to the wall with the provided 2 screws then build out by adding up to an additional 5 frames- in any orientation, and yes, your Main Frame can handle it.

Capturing moments through photographs has never been easier and more accessible than today, and the ways in which we display those photos continues to evolve.

magnaframe was founded on a few of different ideas and principles:

1 - ANALOG: Instant film photography is making a huge comeback led by the likes of Polaroid and Fuji. These beautiful pictures truly are pieces of art having been created from a negative getting exposed to light and then developing through a chemical reaction ... it truly is magic! The options on the market to frame these creations are minimal and relatively cheap in quality; we wanted to make something that provided the pictures the home they deserve. Something better than pushpins and clothes pegs.

2 - DIGITAL: 1 Trillion !! How many zero's is that anyways? That is how many digital pictures we take every year on our smartphones. Instagram and Facebook are fantastic places for us to share these pictures and build a gallery for our friends and family to see. However that world just moves too fast! We post pictures daily, we collect our "likes" and our "comments" and then it's gone. How often do we actually go back to look at these pictures again? We take our Instagram feed so seriously and we curate it so perfectly ... it's time we started pulling our favourites and curating a feed directly onto our wall at home. Something we can enjoy on a daily basis. 

3 - THE GALLERY: Creating a gallery of pictures at home has never been more popular. However creating one is expensive and complicated. Big Frames, Expensive costs of blowing up pictures and many headaches caused by measuring tapes and levels. We wanted to create something easier and more accessible that people could continue to build on. 

With all of those moments being captured, we’ve created an innovative, tangible, and beautiful way to share them, with magnaframe.